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Tom - Spirit Travelers

Hello, I’m Tom. A guy from the countryside in the Center Region of France called “Berry”. I started traveling experience in 2017 and I didn’t wait no longer than 2019 to become completely nomadic. Machine started! Since then, I have adapted to a (very) minimalist lifestyle since I only live with a travel bag since that date. I got rid of my country home and a large part of my belongings. I realized how superficial, excessive and sometimes demanding the Western way of life could be. Truth be told, I feel better that way right now. As we say, the things we own end up owning us. For my part, I have never felt as light as since the day I made the decision to detach myself from it and return to the essentials.

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Spirit Travelers – About Tom


Way of travelling

Travel goes a long way towards changing one’s vision of things and looking at them or approaching them from another angle. Our point of view broadens its dimension and makes us aware of things that we would not necessarily have paid attention to in normal times. By traveling, we simply open ourselves to new thought patterns.


Also, it contributes to optimism by showing us that humanity is incredibly beautiful, positive and caring in its overwhelming majority. Quite contrary to what might lead us to believe by the media that bludgeon brains and minds by broadcasting only the shadows of the world.

Traveling, a therapy? It seems fair to me and I can only encourage you to do it if you feel the need or the desire!

Is traveling abroad really necessary for that?

Certainly not. Travelling inside ourselves is surely a priority.

Spirit Travelers - Tom in Rwanda
Batwa tribe of Rwanda

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