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1. Conditions

There is only one: writing content about travel (or something related to it), or other themes such as nature, culture, folklore, traditions, history (…).

Spirit Travelers follows a certain editorial line and “conduct” in terms of writing and SEO (Seach Engine Optimization). For this reason and in order not to impact its general ranking, it is preferable that the contributor have some experience in writing or simply take example from the articles already present on the website. And of course I reserve the right to decline a proposal but normally, there should be no reason!

2. Copyright

Please make sure to use your own photographs/illustrations or include only copyright-free content in your article.

3. Promotion

The promotion of your social networks and / or your projects, whatever they are (if they have a relationship with the theme of the article or if they are correlated with the site), is obviously welcome.

From my side, I will integrate your article into the internal mesh of the website to give it visibility.

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