Where to do a PCR test in Cairo?

Where to do a covid test in Cairo?



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Children’s Cancer Hospital

Address Zeinhom, El-Sayeda Zainab 24h
lead times
Price 600 EGP for an RT-PCR test & 250  EGP for an antigen
test◉ I came here to get tested

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Wadi El Nile Hospital

Address Omarat Al Saudeya
Lead time 2h
Price 500 EGP for an RT-PCR test

◉ The best lab I could find for its price and speed! If you need to get your results fast, you can say you have your flight in a few hours like I did. They screened me for 500 PGE and my result was ready in 2 hours.
I came here to get tested

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Alfa Labotory

Address 54 ABbd El-Khalik Tharwat, Abdeen
Delays 24h maximum. You can, however, get the results after 6 hours of waiting if you arrive early
Price 1600 EGP
I came here to get tested

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Ain Shams University

Address 1 El Sarayat St., Abbasseya
Lead time 24h
Price 1600 EGP for a PCR test

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Central Health Laboratory

Address 19 El-Shaikh Rihan, Ad Dawawin
24h delays . However, you can get your results faster if you arrive between 7 and 8 a.m. Your results will be ready in the afternoon
Price 1600 EGP

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PCR test on arrival

◉ Regarding the test on arrival at Cairo International Airport, it is not available.

You can consider landing in Sharm el Sheikh, Taba, Marsa Alam or Hurghada to be able to perform the test on arrival directly at the airport, without going through a laboratory in your country of residence. Nevertheless, it may be useful to call your airline to find out if they do not impose a PCR test on boarding.

Testing positive for COVID-19 in Egypt

I had a lot of feedback from travelers who found themselves positive during the screening. I was unable to give them any information so far, but I ended up in the same situation.

If you get tested at home (directly at the hotel for example) and your result is positive, you are likely to find yourself confined and monitored until your test becomes negative. This information comes from travelers who have found themselves in this case recently.

In the event that you get tested outside and you find yourself positive, you are not normally monitored by a third party and you are free to move. That’s the case I found myself in.

I went to confine myself to my room and had what I needed delivered to me for 5 days, after which my test came back negative.

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