How to cross the border into Sudan?

How to get into Sudan from Egypt border land ?


Border crossing Egypt-Sudan

A travel guide to help you to cross the border land from Egypt to Sudan easily. Find all the steps to find a transportation and all the requirments to get to Sudan (visa, entry conditions, formalities and more).


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Please note that the situation is currently unstable in Sudan. Since the 2021 coup, the conflict has intensified in 2023 and the informations about the border crossing may have changed until the war lasts.

Get the bus ticket to Aswan

2 options : Take a comfortable bus about twenty kilometers from Aswan. Which is not very convenient, especially since departures are at 4am. Or, take a low-cost bus directly into the city.

These low-cost buses leave near the center. They are actually used for the transport of goods and contain far more boxes than passengers! Mine was completely filled with it and we were only a dozen crammed into the front.

It is not comfortable but it is fast, cheaper, and especially the bus leaves at night and arrives in the early morning on the shore of Lake Nasser, in Abu Simbel. With luck, you will witness like me the sunrise over the Nile. It is absolutely beautiful to contemplate in this place. The bus then leaves for Wadi Halfa!


💰 The advertised price was 450 EGP, tourist obliges … Do not hesitate to negotiate because it is obviously not the real price. I finally paid 200 EGP. I still don’t know if the price is the right one, but it’s more than right.


سعد زغلول، شياخة ثالثة، قسم أسوان، أسوان،،

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Take the ferry across the border into Sudan
How to get to Sudan from Egypt?

Crossing the border

You will have to pay EGP 120 upon arrival at the border post. I’m not sure about the trick they call “customs tax” but hey, remember to keep Egyptian currency. The doors open at 9 a.m. and we stayed about 4 hours at the border.

Register at Wadi Halfa

You have 3 days to register at Wadi Halfa Police Station before travelling to Sudan. If you don’t, you’ll have to go directly to Khartoum to do so. I forgot to note how much it cost me exactly but it was a very small amount.

Where is the police station?

The building is on the main street, you can’t miss it, it’s all sky blue and Wadi Halfa is a very small town.

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Here is the police station you have to register

Exchange your money in Sudan

I advise you to change money in Aswan before coming. Bring dollars, the exchange is very good against Sudanese pounds. Euros have a worse rate and are more difficult to trade.

On the black market

If you want to trade on the black market, You will be able to do this directly after crossing the border. I preferred to wait until I arrived at Wadi Halfa to exchange my money, always on the black market: the rates are better. Asking people I was shown a location on the main street, I exchanged my money for 250 SDG of the dollar against 55 SDG at official rates.

The rate fluctuates constantly because the Sudanese pound is very unstable. You will need to inform yourself before arriving in Sudan. It is simple to obtain them in Aswan in the Sudanese quarter (at the address provided above).

As I update this article $1 = 560 SDG at the official rate!

PCR and VISA test for Sudan

Sudan has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions. Here are some other links that may be useful before you travel to Sudan:

🔎 How to get the Sudanese visa from Egypt

🔎 PCR test in Aswan

🔎 PCR test in Cairo

Sudan Travel Guide

A complete article is available to travel to Sudan. You will find everything you need to know to visit the country:

🔎 Complete Sudan Travel Guide

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