Sudan visa: Cairo or Aswan?

How to get Sudan visa in Egypt ?


Sudan visa in Egypt

Wondering how and where to get the sudanese visa in Egypt? Find here both solutions to obtain it in Cairo or in Aswan.


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Sudan visa at the Aswan Consulate

Address 11843 Aswan, 12 El-Sadat, Qism
Number 0972307231

📍 Location

This is the first option I tried. The service was closed for much of 2019 and reopened in 2020. Unfortunately, this option is very unstable. I had a lot of difficulties here. The service is very weak and the building crowded with people, dozens of people jostle at the counter. It is complicated for this reason on the one hand, and on the other because you will have to wait 10 days or maybe more in some cases.


In addition, the price of the visa has increased, it is now at $ 170. If you still want to wait, know that when you apply for a new visa in Egypt, you have an extension of 15 days on your Egyptian visa already in progress.

Invitation letter required

You will need a letter of invitation to enter Sudan. If you know a Sudanese, he can do it to you, otherwise you have to ask for one at a hotel but they charge a high price for the letter.

Administrative problems are also very recurrent. Sudanese are also forced to go up to Cairo. After many attempts, I resigned myself to applying the visa in Cairo, an option that the Egyptians had already advised me. (Update : the service seems to have improved with options of facilities, inquire)

Sudan visa at the consulate in Cairo

Address  7-11 Ahmed Al Shatouri, Al Dokki
Number 0227949661

📍 Location

Sudan visa documents in Cairo
Consulate of Sudan in Cairo
Sudan visa: where to do it at the consulate in Aswan and Cairo?

Definitely the best option, safe and fast. 3 hours of waiting only to recover the precious sesame!

What documents are required?

• $150 in perfect condition and in large denominations

• Photocopy of your Egyptian visa

• Photocopy of your passport

• 2 recent passport photos

• Your passport of course!

How does it work?

The consulate opens its doors at 9am and closes between 4pm and 5pm. The sooner you arrive, the less you’ll wait.

You apply at the counter, you are provided with a form that you return filled out with your photos and passport, and then you wait. You will be called to pay, then you will wait again… And hop it’s in the pocket.
Sudan visa
Unlike the consulate in Aswan, you will not have No need for an invitation letter. However, you must provide an accommodation address for your arrival in Sudan, such as that of a hotel or host. Choose any one, they obviously don’t check.

PCR test to go to Sudan

All restrictions and entry requirements for Sudan have been lifted. You can still find or do a PCR test in these cities:

🔎 PCR test in Cairo

🔎 PCR test in Aswan

Travel guide to Sudan

Find out everything you need to know to travel safely in Sudan :

🔎 How to travel to Sudan ?



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