Visit Izki


Visit Izki

Izki is a town near Nizwa in the Ad Dakhiliyah region of the northern Sultanate of Oman. City of tourist interest with its ancient city Harat al Yemen. Izki is the oldest city in the country and Harat Al Yemen the oldest of its cities.

Izki also has a fort that can be visited and a historic cave.


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Photos of Izki

1. Harat Al Yemen


Harat Al Yemen

Visit Harat Al Yemen

Visit Izki, Sultanate of Oman

Camp in Izki

Tom, Izki

Harat Al Yemen information

Harat Al Yemen, Izki

2. Izki


Visit Izki

Abandoned village in Izki

Historic Village, Izki

3. Husn Izki


Izki Fort

Husn Izki

4. Jarnan Cave


Jarnan Cave

Information Jarnan Cave

Interior of Jarnan Cave

Things to do in Izki & Ad-Dakhiliyah

Discover things to do around Izki, Nizwa and historical places to visit throughout the Ad-Dhakhiliyah region in the north of the Sultanate of Oman.

Things to do in Nizwa visit Northern Oman


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